Final batch of requests, thanks again guys!

  1. Some more Texas Toast fluff for pompompoof
  2. Maskless!BLU SpyxRED Medic for zitrusbear.
  3. SpyxEngie for mrconagher
  4. Billy and Pete being cute boyfriends besties for anon
  5. Eddie Riggs from Brutal Legend for booohr
  6. Scout abuse (gurl I got you covered) for Chem 
  7. Madame Dixie Pyro from the Mrs Nesbit scene from Toy Story (I’m not sure if this is what you meant but if so…I threw in Sniper to take the place of Woody) for carousercapotain
  8. Aaand since I apparently draw Engie so gentle, he had to be seen with a baby for ettenna-chan